Important notice about Seresto Collars

We’ve seen recent news and media reports questioning the safety of Seresto collars. While we understand this is concerning, we want to reassure you and let you know that there is no established link between death and exposure to the active ingredients contained in Seresto. For perspective, since 2012, more than 25 million Seresto collars have protected dogs and cats in the US from fleas and ticks. The reporting rate for all adverse events since 2012 is less than 0.3%. Furthermore, of these instances, the majority of them are related to non-serious effects, such as reddening of the skin or hair loss below the collar. The safety and efficacy of Seresto is continuously monitored by global regulatory bodies. To protect your pet, it is of the utmost importance that if you’re using or have used a Seresto collar for your pet that it was purchased from reputable sources, such as in our clinic or our online store. We cannot guarantee products that are not purchased here, and there is a possibility that the products are counterfeit. If you have any questions, please call: 515-276-4083

Plan for Success: What to Consider When Adopting a Pet During the Holiday Season

Many people choose to expand their families during the holidays by adopting a pet. And what could be a better gift than providing love, a home, and kindness to a pet in need of a loving family? But bringing a new pet home can also come with a bit of stress and worry as they adapt to a new environment. There’s no doubt that it takes some time for any new addition to your household to adjust, but planning can reduce the learning curve and set your new pet up for success. If you’ve decided to adopt a dog, cat, rabbit, or another pet this holiday, we have some suggestions to help you plan. Planning for the Perfect Pet for Your Family One question that always comes up when deciding on a new pet is whether to adopt from a shelter or a breeder. Many pet parents choose to adopt from reputable breeders because they want the experience of raising a dog from puppyhood or a kitten. This is choice is personal and important.  We just hope some readers remember that our local shelters have plenty of loving, deserving pets ready for homes. The benefits of adopting from a shelter […]

Traveling for the Holidays? Make a Plan for Your Pet

What do you have planned for the upcoming holidays? Are you flying to a warm destination or hitting the road to visit family? Maybe you’re hosting the holidays this year. No matter what your travel plans are, be sure you’re prepared with a plan for your pet. Bringing Your Pet Along for the Trip Via Air Travel Flying can be stressful, especially around the holidays. If you’re unsure whether or not your pet should “earn their wings”, we would suggest that you consider how long you’ll be gone and the conditions your pet will be in on the plane.  Small dogs and cats can usually be carried on which can be less nerve-wracking and dangerous than flying in the cargo hold. But all pets have to go a long time without being able to relieve themselves.  If you’re flying for the holidays and you can leave your pet with a family friend, relative, or in boarding, it’s a less stressful option than bringing them along. Keep in mind, each airline has different requirements when bringing a pet on board. Be sure to check your specific airline requirements well in advance, some airlines require a current examination, medical history, or even […]

What You Can Do to Help Your Senior Pet Age Gracefully

Think about the years you’ve spent with your pet: snuggles, cuddles, kisses, playtime, and laughter. Our pets fill our homes with love and joy, so it’s no wonder many pet parents ask us how they can repay the love of their pet by helping their furry best friend age with grace and dignity.  What does it mean to age gracefully? Some aches and pains are unavoidable for pets as they enter their golden years. But doing what you can to reduce  pain and ease anxiety while increasing mobility and confidence can help your pet make the most of her senior years. How Can You Support Healthy Aging for Your Pet? 1. Consider Your Pet’s Weight and Diet What your pet eats plays a major role in their health. As dogs get older, their body changes. Older dogs naturally gain more body fat while their muscles, bones, and cartilage decrease. This makes maintaining a healthy diet and weight even more vital to your dog’s wellbeing. Overweight pets are at risk for Joint pain and cartilage deterioration Heart and lung problems Cancer and tumors Skin irritation Decreased mobility So, if your senior pet is a bit pudgy, it’s best she loses a […]

Holiday Pet Safety Made Simple

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year to be a pet parent. This time of year, we give thanks for the love and affection our pets fill our lives with. We also get to shop for new leashes, collars, cat beds, and toys, toys, toys! In order to keep the joy in Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s – prepare for safety while you plan for fun! We want you to make the most of the holidays with some simple safety tips pet parents often overlook. Our Top Safety Tips to Keep the Happy in Your Pet’s Happy Holidays 1. Don’t Let Your Pet Get too Stressed by Changes From guests coming in, to your family heading out of town, we tend to get wrapped up in all the planning that goes into making the most of time off and holidays. And, at times, we forget that our pets get stressed out, too. From strange smells to frightening strangers, the holidays can lead to heightened anxiety for pets. What Can You Do to Eliminate Your Pet’s Holiday Anxiety? If you’re going away for the holidays: Book your pet’s boarding with us well in advance Let us know of […]

Understanding the Real Danger of Pet Obesity

Obesity is a big problem for people and pets. While a little extra pudge may seem cute, extra weight can put our pets at risk for a wide range of serious health issues. And when it comes to our pets, prevention and weight control can lengthen their lives and improve their overall wellbeing. How Big is the Obesity Problem for American Pets? In the United States, 60% of cats and 56% of dogs were considered obese or overweight in 2018. Almost 100 million American pets suffer from obesity or being overweight. Obesity isn’t just dangerous for pets, it’s costly for their owners. Nationwide’s 2016 report on pet obesity shows Americans paid about $62 million in veterinary bills for obesity-related conditions. That’s a lot of overweight pets. This problem isn’t small by any means. In fact, pet obesity seems to be an epidemic and the biggest health threat to our furry best friends! How Did Our Pets Get so Chunky? Even though our understanding of pet’s nutritional needs becomes better and better every year, that information doesn’t seem to stop the growing rates of obesity. Studies show that pet obesity rates have climbed each year since 2009. Simply put, many pet […]

Celebrating Our Amazing Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

You wouldn’t trust the care of your family members to just anyone, and we know you feel the same about the pets that walk through our doors. That’s why we are so thankful for our amazing team of dedicated veterinary technicians that treat your pets like valued members of the family. At Sullivan Family Pet Hospital, we don’t need to ask our vet techs to go above and beyond, they just do so because it’s the wonderful type of people they are. These astounding women exemplify the care, compassion, and dedication we want the pets we care for to experience each and every time they come in. Their jobs aren’t always the easiest, and our practice wouldn’t be the same without them! So, Brittany, Samantha, Dana and Sydney THANK YOU! Thank you for always putting pets first and striving to be the best you can be, each and every day. And while National Veterinary Technician Week is just seven days each year, we appreciate you every 358 beyond this week! Why Do Our Veterinary Technicians and Assistants Deserve One Million Thanks?  We like to say that our veterinary techs make the world go round. And times, we think of them […]

How Can You Keep Your Cat Happy & Healthy?

Do you have a happy kitty, a frisky feline, or a cuddly cat? If so, it’s time to repay your sweet cat for all the love they provide by ensuring their life is full of purrs, play, and whisker-licking treats! How Can You Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy?  There’s no denying that cats are intriguing creatures. They seek attention in some of the most curious ways and they easily go from zero to one-hundred when it comes to pouncing, rolling, and playing. To provide them with whiskers-to-tail joy, think about the three Ps: play, pampering, and preventative care. How can you achieve the three Ps? Try some of these tips: Cat-tastic Play 1.Bring on the Toys Keep your cat active with healthy play. For cats, there’s nothing better than chasing and attacking toys. From stuffed mice to bells and balls, toys will get your cat mentally stimulated while allowing them to burn some excess energy. This can save your ankle from becoming their next play prey. Visit our online store for some of our favorites! 2. Hide-and-Seek, Find the Treat Does your cat seem to nap all day? Are they crazy about treats? If you said “yes,” your cat […]

Identifying the Subtle Signs of Pain in Pets

While for us humans, headaches and muscle soreness often take care of themselves, long-term chronic pain can take a toll on our pets’ dispositions. Minor pain can be a symptom of a deeper, more serious health issue. We’d like to share some insight into subtle signs and symptoms of pain. How Can You Tell if Your Pet is in Pain? Most pet parents recognize the obvious signs of pain: crying, limping, or not putting weight on a paw, but more subtle signs can be harder to spot. These symptoms can tell you that your pet could use a check-up, or even a pain management plan.  How well can you spot your pet’s pain? Did you know that excessive purring can be a sign that your cat is in pain? How about the fact that dilated or constricted pupils can be a side effect of pet pain? Signs of Pet Pain 1. Adverse Reaction to Getting Stroked Your pet may seem to cringe or move away when you pet them. If so, this could be a sign of pain or skin irritation. Cats may also lash out and scratch or bite from time to time if you stroke over a sore […]

Your Pet’s Dental Health

If the eyes are the window to your pet’s soul, your pet’s teeth are the window to their health. Your pet’s dental health is more than bad breath and having pearly whites you can see from across the room. Dental problems can escalate quickly, cause severe pain, and lead to other health issues. What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Mouth: Busting 4 Pet Dental Health Myths Let’s take a bite out of pet dental misinformation. You probably don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about your pet’s teeth. You’ve probably even heard some of these myths. In this blog, we’d like to give you some insight into the importance of proper pet dental health. Myth #1: All Cats and Dogs Have Bad Breath Does your pet have breath that makes you cringe? While bad breath may seem insignificant, it isn’t. Bad breath can be a symptom of teeth and gum deterioration. Myth #2: Pets Don’t Care If They Don’t Have Sparkling White Smiles While your pet is likely unaware of the appearance of their teeth, they most definitely know if they’re in pain. Dental pain can also cause long term chronic discomfort and lower your pet’s quality […]