Calling all Cat Owners: It’s National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day!

Calling all Cat Owners: It’s National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day!

Why Should You Make an Appointment to Bring Your Cat In?

 1. Your Cat’s Health Needs Change Over Time

As cats get older their needs change. We can help your cat stay on track for a long, healthy life. With blood work, a physical exam, and a dental check-up, we can identify risk factors and educate you on your cat’s needs. These can extend and improve their quality of life.

 2. We Can Help Your Cat Maintain or Reach a Healthy Weight

How often do you weigh your cat? We often find even the most vigilant and caring cat parents don’t notice their feline companions’ weight gain. The same is true of unhealthy weight loss. 

Unexpected and unexplained weight loss can be a symptom of a deeper health concern. Excessive weight gain can put your cat at risk for diabetes and unnecessary strain on their joints.

 3. Cats Can Disguise Underlying Medical Issues

Cats are amazing creatures. One characteristic that makes exams even more vital, is their ability to hide symptoms of pain or discomfort. 

Because of our expertise, comprehensive examination techniques, and advanced diagnostic equipment, we can spot and treat underlying problems, and prevent more serious issues from occurring.

 4. Your Cat May Be Due for Vaccinations

If your cat’s immunizations aren’t current, they are at risk of getting sick. Even if you have an indoor kitty, please keep in mind that wildlife, such as raccoons, are just a screen door or patio door away. One dash outside from your curious cat could expose them to illness.

It’s truly better to be prepared for the unexpected, when vaccinations exist to protect your pets.

Not sure if your cat is due for her shots? Give us a call.

 5. Prevention Will Help Protect Your Feline

Catching medical issues early can greatly reduce the risk of them developing into larger problems. Early detection doesn’t just lead to easier treatment, it can reduce your overall veterinary costs.

How Can You Make Your Cat’s Appointment Less Stressful?

We know that most cats don’t love going to the vet. And who can blame them? Leaving their territory is difficult.

To help keep your cat comfortable for their appointment, try some of these techniques:

·        Put their carrier out a week or more in advance of their appointment. Open the door and let them explore it. Put some bedding, catnip, and toys inside. If you have Feliway handy, you can spray some in the carrier to keep them more comfortable. 

·        Give them a Composure Pro Treat 30 minutes before travel to calm their nerves.

·        Before leaving the house, cover their carrier with their favorite small blanket or towel to help them feel less overwhelmed by what is around them. This is great to keep over their carrier while you travel.

·        Stay calm and your cat will feel more comfortable.

Happy Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day!

So, now’s the time: take out that carrier, give us a call, and make an appointment for your cat today. Concerned about the stress your cat or YOU may experience? We can help talk through additional strategies to make the experience less stressful. 

Image Credit: Ablokhin / iStock / Getty Images Plus

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