Celebrating Our Amazing Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

Celebrating Our Amazing Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

You wouldn’t trust the care of your family members to just anyone, and we know you feel the same about the pets that walk through our doors. That’s why we are so thankful for our amazing team of dedicated veterinary technicians that treat your pets like valued members of the family.

At Sullivan Family Pet Hospital, we don’t need to ask our vet techs to go above and beyond, they just do so because it’s the wonderful type of people they are. These astounding women exemplify the care, compassion, and dedication we want the pets we care for to experience each and every time they come in.

Their jobs aren’t always the easiest, and our practice wouldn’t be the same without them!

So, Brittany, Samantha, Dana and Sydney THANK YOU! Thank you for always putting pets first and striving to be the best you can be, each and every day. And while National Veterinary Technician Week is just seven days each year, we appreciate you every 358 beyond this week!

Why Do Our Veterinary Technicians and Assistants Deserve One Million Thanks? 

We like to say that our veterinary techs make the world go round. And times, we think of them as Atlas with the world of on their shoulders.

Vet techs may even be considered the best-kept secret of our practice because many clients interact with them, not even realizing how important a vet tech’s role is in their pet’s care. We trust these talented, brilliant, and caring women to set the tone for appointments and help us provide medical care and examinations. They also answer your questions and help calm your pets.

Our vet techs are dedicated to the care of your pets, all while staying cool, calm, and collected. They even seem to read our minds most of the time, and they always provide each pet they meet with love and patience.

So, What Makes Our Team of Veterinary Technicians and Assistants Veterinary VIPs?

1.They Are Veterinary Nurses

All day, they’re on their feet, and they know their patients and pet parents by sight. They work closely with all of our patients and us to provide pets the best care! They often draw blood, share information about your pets’ prescriptions, and take notes on how your pet is feeling. They’re often our eyes, ears, arms, and muscle while we’re not in the exam room!

Vet techs are extraordinarily strong, too. One of the most important jobs a vet tech does is hold a pet still to keep that pet safe during an exam. This protects us and the pet from injury. From mastiffs to hamsters, this isn’t the easiest task.

2. Our Vet Techs Never Meet a Pet They Don’t Love!

Between barking, claws, and squirming pets, vet techs face challenges every day. But they never seem frustrated. In fact, it’s rare to find any of them not smiling and excited to be at work. 

And their love of creatures big and small shines through in their actions. Even when they don’t think we’re paying attention. We’ve often overheard Brittany talking sweetly to dogs as they weigh them. And Samantha, Dana, and Sydney frequently chat about how sweet and quirky pets can be. All of them empathize with those pets when pets feel a bit sick or need a little extra encouragement to overcome their veterinary fears.

3. Our Vet Techs and Assistants Inspire Us

When we unlock the doors each morning at Sullivan Family Pet Hospital, we know we can trust our team of techs and assistants to extend their kindness, compassion, and knowledge to each and every pet they interact with. Their positivity radiates and kind deeds spread joy through our practice and community.

Did You Know?

Brittany has loved animals since childhood and has a knack for providing nervous pets comfort with her calming presence.

Samantha is our lead veterinary technician and excels when it comes to internal medicine, preventative care, and dentistry.

Dana has an amazing habit of rehabilitating injured animals and loves working with horses.

The special connection between humans and their pets motivates Sydney to give it her all every day she’s here. 

Thank You to Our Veterinary Technicians and Assistants and All Those Dedicated to Helping Pets

Stroking your cat helps them release endorphins, and it helps them feel connected to you. Take additional time to pet and love on your cat and they’ll repay the favor with purrs!

It takes a team to provide the best care, and our team has some true VIPs. Our vet techs and assistants aren’t just the backbone of our practice, they’re part of its soul. They care about your pets’ health and wellbeing as much as you do. And they truly are rock stars!

So, “Thank you!” to our vet techs and assistants at Sullivan Family Pet Hospital! We couldn’t provide pets with the care we do without your help and dedication!

If you know anyone that works to make pets’ lives better, be sure to express your gratitude this week! They work hard so our pets can live happy, healthy, long lives.

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