Choose Sullivan Family Pet Hospital for Boarding

Choose Sullivan Family Pet Hospital for Boarding

Are you planning a trip and wanting to ensure your pet is in good hands while you’re away? We offer safe, convenient and comfortable boarding in our doctor-supervised facility that caters to both cats and dogs.

Here are a few things we offer during your pets stay:

We Will Care for Your Pets Like They are Our Own

Our mission is to make each pet feel loved and cared for. Our caring staff will ensure your pet receives compassion, comfort, and unconditional love during their stay to help them feel at home and happy.

Your Pet’s Comfort is Our #1 Priority

While your pet stays with us, we want them to feel at home. We encourage you to bring their bed and favorite toys. While here, our boarders are offered a high-quality gastrointestinal diet at no additional charge (you are also welcome to bring your pets regular diet). We will follow your feeding schedule to help your pet keep their routine even while you’re away. Prior to your pet’s stay, we will ask questions to help better understand your pet’s needs before you leave them in our care.

Comfortable Surroundings

Our facility caters to both dogs and cats. Some of our features include a large grassy backyard where your dog can enjoy a bit of exercise and fresh air. Your dog will receive on-leash walks four to five times a day and an opportunity for some quality one-on-one time with a kennel attendant. Cats enjoy their stay in our separate, quiet, feline only boarding area.

We Can Give Your Pet the Spa Treatment

We offer bathing and comb-outs to keep your pet smelling great and feeling good! When you arrive to pick up your pet, you will be greeted with some tail wagging or purring, and the fresh and clean scent of a well-groomed pet.

Your Pet Will be Cared for by Medical Professionals

We will provide the best environment for your pet’s safety and health. As medical professionals, we are available to care for your pet seven days per week from morning into the evening. For a small daily fee, our trained staff can safely administer your pet’s medications and give your pet the special care they may need.

Boarding your pet with people you trust helps your pet feel safe and comfortable, but also allows you to fully enjoy your time away.

If you are planning a trip away, be sure to book your pet’s stay with us in advance, as our boarding facility fills up quickly! 

If you have any questions about our boarding services, please feel to call us at 515-276-4083.

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