How Can You Keep Your Cat Happy & Healthy?

How Can You Keep Your Cat Happy & Healthy?

Do you have a happy kitty, a frisky feline, or a cuddly cat? If so, it’s time to repay your sweet cat for all the love they provide by ensuring their life is full of purrs, play, and whisker-licking treats!

How Can You Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy? 

There’s no denying that cats are intriguing creatures. They seek attention in some of the most curious ways and they easily go from zero to one-hundred when it comes to pouncing, rolling, and playing. To provide them with whiskers-to-tail joy, think about the three Ps: play, pampering, and preventative care.

How can you achieve the three Ps? Try some of these tips:

Cat-tastic Play

1.Bring on the Toys

Keep your cat active with healthy play. For cats, there’s nothing better than chasing and attacking toys. From stuffed mice to bells and balls, toys will get your cat mentally stimulated while allowing them to burn some excess energy. This can save your ankle from becoming their next play prey. Visit our online store for some of our favorites!

2. Hide-and-Seek, Find the Treat

Does your cat seem to nap all day? Are they crazy about treats? If you said “yes,” your cat is the purr-fect candidate for some feline hide-and-seek. 

All you need is a box, some newspaper or recyclable paper and fabric, and some tasty kitty treats. Hide some treats between layers of paper and leave the box in the corner for your cat to discover. Their nesting instinct will kick into gear as they discover the hidden nuggets of joy beneath the layers. This is especially fun as the temperatures drop this fall.

3. Consider Adopting a Playmate

While your cat may seem perfectly content lounging around alone all day, they may benefit from a playmate. Cats, although more solitary than dogs, do often desire companionship. 

Another cat can help your kitty get in touch with their more playful side. Cats also enjoy partaking in mutual grooming – if they wash out each other’s ears, you won’t have to!


4. Spend Time Petting Your Cat

Stroking your cat helps them release endorphins, and it helps them feel connected to you. Take additional time to pet and love on your cat and they’ll repay the favor with purrs!

5. Groom Your Kitty

Brush your cat every few days. Removing the loose fur feels good for your feline friend and can cut back on hairballs. As they grow out their winter coat, you’ll find this can help smooth that thick coat and even reduce the tumbleweeds of fur floating around your house.

6. Let Them Sharpen Her Claws in Style

Consider getting your kitty a new scratching post or mat. Healthy claw sharpening is part of your cat’s day. Sharpening helps your cat stretch their muscles and remove older layers of their nails.

Preventative Care

7. Take the Step to Prevent Pests

From heartworms to ticks and fleas, don’t let nasty bugs bog down your cat’s mood. Even indoor cats are vulnerable to these parasites. Keeping your cat flea, tick, and heartworm free can extend their life and contribute to positive mental health.

8. Schedule an Appointment for a Check-Up

Keep your cat as healthy by bringing them in for a check-up. We can catch changes in health at their earliest, and most treatable, stages.

9. Provide Your Cat with a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce strain on your cat’s joints, reduce the risk of diabetes, and give your cat the opportunity to stay more active. The right diet can improve your cat’s coat, and help them maintain a silky sheen. We can help you find the diet that’s right for your cat.

If your kitty is due for a check-up, give us a call today. Since our Sullivan Family Pet Hospital team knows that veterinary visits may be a bit stressful for your favorite feline, give us a call and we can walk through some pre-visit strategies to help make the visit easier on both of you!

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Image credit: Kriss Chen | Pixabay

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