Our Staff


Brittany, Certified Veterinary Technician

Brittany has been eliciting purrs and wags from pet patients at Sullivan Family Pet Hospital since 2016. She is committed to doing whatever she can to make them feel better and it genuinely makes her happy to help keep pets healthy. She loves interacting with pets and human clients while building a trusting bond.

Since childhood, Brittany has wanted a career in veterinary medicine. She earned her AAS in veterinary technology at DMACC in 2015 and completed her certification in 2016. She appreciates working alongside great doctors who truly care about their clientele, pets patients, and staff.

Brittany is a Minnesota Vikings fan and enjoying being outdoors. She also enjoys spending her time with her son, Jackson, her fiancé, Brice, and their friends and family. The furriest member of her pack is a German Shepherd named Odin.

Samantha, Lead Veterinary Technician

Samantha has been providing exceptional care for animals at Sullivan Family Pet Hospital since 2017. She earned her AAS degree from Iowa Lake Community College’s veterinary technician program.

She enjoys working in veterinary medicine and providing preventative and wellness care for pet patients. Her areas of special interest include internal medicine and surgery. She also values building relationships with human clients and their pets.

Despite her busy schedule, Samantha finds the time to go skiing, hiking, and rollerblading. She also spends her downtime with her friends, family, and Duke, a Standard Poodle.



Kaitlyn enjoys working in the veterinary field because of her love for animals. She plans to enroll in the San Juan online program to become a registered Veterinary Technician. She finds helping sick and injured animals recover incredibly rewarding and enjoys the working environment at the clinic, especially the puppy kisses which make hard days all worth it. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys being with family and friends, binge watching Netflix, dancing, drawing, skiing, hiking and babysitting her second cousins. Her pet family includes an Australian Shepherd – Bandit.


Please meet Tammy! A graduate of East High school, she has joined our team to help care for clients and their pets. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her son, Levi and boyfriend, John. She particularly enjoys teaching her son how to teach dogs tricks and obedience skills. When not with her pets, three Basset Hounds (Molly, Maverick and Magnolia), a Havanese/Poodle Mix (Rosey), three cats (Lilah, Jett, and Blaze) and two mini rabbits (Everest and Marshall), you’ll find her bowling, playing pool or enjoying a board game with friends and family.


Madyson started in the DMACC Veterinary Technician program in Ankeny, IA. She decided to switch to biotechnology specializing in animal science. Madyson loves the education aspect of the veterinary field and learning about interesting cases. She also loves forming strong bonds with clients and their pets.

When she’s not at work, Madyson enjoys dog sitting, having bonfires, going to concerts and playing video games with her friends and boyfriend.

Her furry friends include Zuko a black and white Domestic Long-Haired cat, Bellatrix a Golden- Malamute mix and Harvey a black Lab-Brittany mix.


Preslee recently moved to Des Moines from Wyoming after getting engaged to her fiancé, Chris. She has been excited to start her career and new life in such a beautiful city.

While she was growing up, Preslee spent a lot of her time watching surgeries and cuddling patients at a vet hospital where her mom is also a vet tech. For as long as she can remember, she knew her passion was to care for animals.

Preslee started her vet tech career in 2018, and plans to enroll to become certified as a veterinary technician. She also attended the annual Western Veterinary Conference, and Veterinary Meeting Expo, where she got the opportunity to attend classes taught by some of the countries leading veterinary specialists.

Preslee holds a special place in her heart for pitbulls and senior pets. She believes in taking extra time with all her patients, to ensure they are comfortable and not fearful during their vet visits.

In her down time, preslee enjoys adding to her plant collection, watching UFC fights, attending music concerts and art festivals. Her favorite past time of course, is spending time with her pitbull-sharpei mix, Alvin, her ball pyrhon Capri, and watching her 3 step kids play sports. She also spends a lot of her time pet sitting, dog walking, and helping the elderly community.



Jess joined SFPH in 2020 and is delighted to work with and learn from the animals in our care. She, her husband and their daughter live with their cat, Tippy, and love to spend time outside together, riding bikes and playing at the park. Since her first dog was a beagle, Jess has a particular affinity for hounds and is eagerly waiting for the right time to add a new dog to her family. She graduated from Lincoln High School and loves to go to the Iowa State Fair each year.

Abby has loved being around animals her whole life, which is why she loves the field in which she is currently working. She is passionate about helping animals in need and keeping them happy and healthy. In the future, Abby plans to study to become a veterinary technician or an orthodontic assistant.

Away from work, she enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend, family and friends. In the summer, she enjoys being outside, camping and swimming.

She shares her home with Ollie a grey Tabby cat who they also call “kitty cat”.


Since beginning at Sullivan Family Pet Hospital in 2019, Dana has been able to fulfill her dream of working with animals. She’s an excellent veterinary assistant and her devotion to caring for pets is evident in her attention to detail and patience. She loves our pet patients at SFPH and enjoys being able to build relationships with them and their owners.

Dana attended Iowa State University, where she earned her B.S. in Animal Science in 2016. She is passionate about horses, and she spends a great deal of time with her two American Quarter Horses, Shiloh and Shaera. She competes in mounted archery but she also enjoys relaxing trail rides. In addition to her horses, Dana’s pet family includes Maisy, her beloved Australian Shepherd.


Kiera has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Des Moines Area Community College. She has always had an affinity for animals and enjoys the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with owners and their pets.

In her free time, she likes spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys helping out at her boyfriend’s family farm. When outdoors, she goes kayaking, fishing, hunting and camping.

Her family pets include Thatcher an Australian Shepherd, Copper a Jack Russell Terrier and two American Coon Hounds Queen and Missy.



Sophia is a talented young adult who excels in musical activities, but also in her ability to empathize with animals. She particularly enjoys being at Sullivan Family Pet Hospital caring for animals as they get healthier and learning about multiple breeds, species and temperaments of pets. She plans on studying veterinary medicine in the future, but until then, enjoys spending her spare time with her dog, Benita.

Grace attends Johnston High School and is eager to study veterinary medicine some day. She enjoys working in the veterinary field because of her strong passion for working with and helping animals.

Her hobbies include training her family dog to be a service dog, singing and playing the ukulele.

She shares her home with Binx a Hound and Great Dane mix.

Ravyn attends Drake University and is majoring in biology with minors in art sculpture and business. She is looking forward to becoming a veterinarian and having her own clinic for small and large animals. Ravyn has always had a passion for animals growing up, she’s had a variety of pets such as dogs, cats, birds, horses and fish.

Her hobbies include painting, drawing, working out with friends, going on walks, cooking with her family and trying new recipes. Additionally, she loves traveling the world and has been to Belize, Paris and Switzerland.

Ravyn’s pets include three Rottweilers named Argos, Gaia and Nova. She also has Neko a five- year-old black cat.