Our Staff


Brittany Arment, RVT
Growing up with two dachshunds, Brittany decided at a young age that she wanted to pursue a career with animals. She studied veterinary technology and liberal arts at DMACC and graduated in May 2015. Brittany joined the staff at SFPH in August 2016. She passed her national and state boards in November 2016 to become a registered veterinary technician in the state of Iowa. Brittany loves making a difference in the lives of animals. She enjoys providing patient care and building relationships with clients and their pets. When not at work she enjoys spending time with her fiance, family, and friends. She loves spending time outdoors and walking with her dogs. Brittany has a German Shepherd named Odin.
Samantha Simons
Sami knew growing up that she wanted to work in the veterinary field. This led her to attend Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg, Iowa. She graduated as a veterinary technician in 2017. She became a part of the SFPH family in August 2017 and now works as our lead veterinary technician. Her areas of special interest include internal medicine, dentistry, and preventative and wellness care. Sami loves that she has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of animals. She enjoys providing preventative and wellness care while also building relationships with clients and their pets. Sami enjoys skiing, hiking, rollerblading, and spending time with her friends and family. Sami and her boyfriend Jas share their home with their standard poodle Duke.


Dana Anderson
Dana graduated from Iowa State University in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science. She is currently enrolled in the online veterinary technician program at San Juan University. Ever since a young age, she’s had a strong love for all animals.  She would bring home hurt animals and try to save them. Her biggest interest is in large animals, especially equine but she enjoys working with and being around all species.  She has a huge passion for horses and archery. She’s been riding horses for 20 years and spent a short time training them while in California. She began shooting in college where she started out using a compound bow and recently has switched to reserve. Dana participates in mounted archery and is working toward obtaining her qualifications to compete in international competitions.  Her pets include 2 American Quarter Horses, Shiloh and Shaera and 2 Australian Shepards, Maisy and Rose.

Sydney Hedrick
Sydney got her marketing degree from the University of Iowa in May 2018. She then enrolled at San Juan College to get her Veterinary Technician Degree. She will be graduating in the summer of 2020. Sydney has loved animals from a very young age. She loves seeing the bond shared between pets and their owners.  When Sydney is not at work, she is spending time with her family and friends, or playing fetch with her Catahoula Leopard dog, Koda.

Kaitlyn Jamison
Kaitlyn enjoys working in the veterinary field because of her love for animals. She plans to enroll in the San Juan online program to become a registered Veterinary Technician. She finds helping sick and injured animals recover incredibly rewarding and enjoys the working environment at the clinic, especially the puppy kisses which make hard days all worth it.  In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys being with family and friends, binge watching Netflix, dancing, drawing, skiing, hiking and babysitting her second cousins. Her pet family includes an Australian Shepherd – Bandit.


Danielle Landals
Danielle loves working with animals. She has been around them her entire life and enjoys being able to be in a work environment where animals are present every day. The most rewarding part of working in the veterinary field for Danielle is being able to have the opportunity to help other people’s pets feel their best.  Danielle shares her home with a German Shepherd, Bonzai and cat, Simba.  Danielle is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in English.


Maddie Lopez
Maddie joined SFPH in May 2016 and currently works as our front office manager. Maddie loves that she is able to work with fellow animal lovers and that she learns something new every day.  In her free time, Maddie enjoys spending time with her husband and their son Roman, cooking and baking, going on walks and going to the family lake house.  Maddie shares her home with Marley a husky lab mix, Ziggy a domestic shorthair and Rambo a bearded dragon.



Jill Carico
Jill Carico - Practice ManagerJill holds a degree in Human Resource Management from William Penn University. She loves working with other animal lovers and likes to support those that care for animals directly. In her free time, Jill enjoys camping or “Glamping” (as she likes to call it), spending time with her husband and two kids as well as taking her dog Copper for walks.  Jill shares her home with Copper, a Lab, Gizmo, a cat, Cheech, a bearded dragon and a fish, Flank.




Andrea Vargus

Andrea comes from a long line of animal lovers, and was passionate at a very early age to be an advocate for pets, recognizing that they don’t have a voice for themselves. Andrea especially enjoys providing long term care for animals in the boarding area of our clinic, as she is dedicated to spoiling your pets while you are away! In her spare time, Andrea enjoys photography and outdoor activities with her fur-kids, Boxers Cosmic, Phoebe and Karma, and Nova, a Terrier Mix. She went to school at DMACC for photography as well as Lifetime Academy for Personal Training.



Liz English
Liz has been working in the kennels at SFPH since February 2016. She is currently attending classes at DMACC in the veterinary technician program. She truly loves animals and providing the care they need.  Liz enjoys fishing, kayaking, biking, and walking her dogs when she has free time. She has two dogs – Frankie, a cocker/bichon and Willie, a cockapoo. Liz also owns a bearded dragon named Rae.

Noelle Fahnlander
Noelle is currently attending Dowling Catholic High School and plans on studying Veterinary Medicine at ISU.  Noelle loves the happiness that animals bring and is interested in large breed dogs and dog training. In her free time, she enjoys being out in nature, hiking, camping, drawing and painting.  Noelle’s pet family includes a Snowshoe kitten – Annie,  a German Shepherd – Rudy and a mini-Goldendoodle –Leo.


Hannah Perkins
Hannah is currently a senior at Johnston High School. Because of her love for caring for animals and giving them their best life, she plans on attending DMACC for two years after high school to pursue becoming a Veterinary Technician and then attending Iowa State to become an exotic animal veterinarian. Hannah enjoys spending time with her friends, family and pets, including German Shepherd – Maddie, Lhasa Apso – Bella, Visnia – Jake, Shiba Inu – Mia, and corn snake – Kai.


Hailey Ditter
Hailey is currently a senior at Johnston High School and cares for pets in our kennels while you are away. She loves all types of animals and enjoys watching them grow and thrive in loving homes. In her spare time, Hailey enjoys dance, choreography, art and spending time with her friends. She shares her home with rescue dog Rico, a Chihuahua-Beagle mix, and a Baby Leopard Gecko. After graduation, Hailey plans on studying cosmetology.