Our Staff


Brittany Arment, RVT
Growing up with two dachshunds, Brittany decided at a young age that she wanted to purse a career with animals. She studied veterinary technology and liberal arts at DMACC and graduated in May 2015. Brittany joined the staff at SFPH in August 2016. She passed her national and state boards in November 2016 to become a registered veterinary technician in the state of Iowa. Brittany loves making a difference in the lives of animals. She enjoys providing patient care and building relationships with clients and their pets.When not at work she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, family, and friends. She loves spending time outdoors and walking with her dogs. Brittany has a 4 year old German Shepherd named Odin and a 10 year old Labradoodle named Roxy.

Samantha Simons

Sami knew growing up that she wanted to work in the veterinary field. This lead her to attend Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg, Iowa. She graduated as a veterinary technician in 2017. She became a part of the SFPH family in August 2017. Her areas of special interest include: internal medicine, dentistry, and preventative and wellness care. Sami loves that she has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of animals. She enjoys providing preventative and wellness care while also building relationships with clients and their pets. Sami is currently in the process of studying to take her national board to become a registered veterinary technician.Sami enjoys skiing, hiking, rollerblading, and spending time with her friends and family. Sami and her boyfriend Jas share their home with their standard poodle Duke.


Kylie Poulson

Kylie has been part of the SFPH team since November 2015. She is a graduate from DMACC with an associate’s degree in liberal arts. She loves small animal internal medicine and animal behavior. Kylie is currently enrolled in San Juan College to earn her degree as a veterinary technician.Kylie’s personal hobbies include arts and crafts and all outdoor activties. When not at work, she loves spending time with her boyfriend Will, friends, and family. Kylie shares her home with her dog Truman, a 10 month old long haired German Shepherd. She and Truman enjoy attending obdience and tracking classes.
Laura Draheim

After previously working as a veterinary assistant, Laura joined our team in May 2017. Laura has always loved animals and knew from a young age that she wanted to help them in some way. She loves the fast paced work enviroment and that every day is different than the last. Laura is passionate about veterinary medicine and has special interests in alternative veterinary medicine and animal behavior.Away from work, Laura enjoys yoga, camping, outdoor activites and spending time with her husband and family and friends. She currently shares her home with her 2 year old cat named Norman and her dog Riley.
Kailey James

Kailey is a graduate of ISU where she earned bachelor’s degree in animal ecology with a minor in horticulture. Being around animals her whole life had a profound imapact on Kailey which lead her to pursue a career involving animals. Kailey is passionate about all aspects of the animal field. She particularly enjoys caring for and being the voice of the animals she provides care to. For her a career in veterinary medicine is the most fulfilling and rewarding experience and she can’t imagine dedicating her life to anything else. Kailey joined the SFPH team in August 2017 and brings with her a diverse background in the animal field. She has years of experience in shelter medicine, large animal medicine, and animal rehabilitation. Kailey is currently further pursuing her career and would like to apply to vet school in the future.In her free time, Kailey enjoys traveling and being outside. She loves camping, hiking, and fishing. She also enjoys working out and spending time with her boyfriend, friends, and family. She currently shares her life with a miniature goldendoodle named Goldie, an English mastiff named Smootie, and her three cats Cosmo, Comet, and Luna.


Maddie Lopez

Maddie joined SFPH in May 2016 and currently works as our front office manager. Maddie loves that she is able to work with fellow animal lovers and that she learns something new everyday.In her free time, Maddie enjoys spending time with her husband and their son Roman, cooking and baking, going on walks and going to the family lakehouse. Maddie shares her home with Marley a 2 year old husky lab mix, Ziggy a 1 year old domestic shorthair and Rambo a 6 year old bearded dragon.

Kennel Attendants

Megan Kress

Megan became part of the SFPH team as a kennel attendant in October 2015. Megan has always really loved animals and wanted a job that would help to heal them. Megan is currently attending classes at DMACC and is planning on applying for the veterinary technician program.In her free time, Megan enjoys running, boating, fishing, and spending time with her family and friends. Megan has a shih tzu named Scout and a hedgehog named Josephine.

Liz English

Liz has been working in the kennels at SFPH since February 2016. She is currently attending classes at DMACC in the veterinary technician program. She truly love animals and providing the care they need.

Liz enjoys fishing, kayaking, biking, and walking her dogs when she has free time. She has two dogs – Frankie, a 7 year old cocker/bichon and Willie, an 11 year old cockapoo. Liz also owns a 3 year old bearded dragon named Rae.


Jodie Stolk, RVT

Jodie knew from a young age that she wanted a career in the veterinary field. This passion lead her to attend school at the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in Denver, CO. She has worked as registered veterinary technician since graduating in June 2006. Her career in veterinary medicine has provided her with experience in general practice, specialty practice, and emergency medicine. Her greatest interest in veterinary medicine is animal behavior and in addition to being a registered veterinary technician, Jodie is also a certified dog trainer who takes a special interest in canine behavior cases.

After being employed as a lead veterinary technician at a prior clinic, Jodie’s interest in business management and administration grew. She decided to pursue this interest by going back to college and in August 2014 she graduated from AIB with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Jodie feels very fortunate that she able to combine both of her interests into one career path.

When not at work, Jodie enjoys crafting, baking, biking, and spending time with friends and family. Jodie and her husband Jamey share their home with 2 dogs (Tilly – boxer mix & J.D. – beagle mix) and 2 cats (Jet and Luke).