Traveling for the Holidays? Make a Plan for Your Pet

Traveling for the Holidays? Make a Plan for Your Pet

What do you have planned for the upcoming holidays? Are you flying to a warm destination or hitting the road to visit family? Maybe you’re hosting the holidays this year. No matter what your travel plans are, be sure you’re prepared with a plan for your pet.

Bringing Your Pet Along for the Trip

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Flying can be stressful, especially around the holidays. If you’re unsure whether or not your pet should “earn their wings”, we would suggest that you consider how long you’ll be gone and the conditions your pet will be in on the plane. 

Small dogs and cats can usually be carried on which can be less nerve-wracking and dangerous than flying in the cargo hold. But all pets have to go a long time without being able to relieve themselves. 

If you’re flying for the holidays and you can leave your pet with a family friend, relative, or in boarding, it’s a less stressful option than bringing them along.

Keep in mind, each airline has different requirements when bringing a pet on board. Be sure to check your specific airline requirements well in advance, some airlines require a current examination, medical history, or even a travel certificate signed by their veterinarian. 

Hitting the Road with Your Pet

If you’re planning a road trip this holiday, be sure to plan for your pet’s car ride or make accommodations for them to stay safe and sound at home or boarded.

Can’t decide to bring your feline friend? Keep in mind that many cats hate car travel. Between the fear of the unknown, loud noises, and motion of the car, cats struggle to remain calm on car rides. Cats may feel more comfortable at home or being boarded.

As for your dogs car journey, be sure you stop frequently, provide them with plenty of water, and keep them strapped-in in case of an accident.

If bringing your kitty is a must, give us a call- we will give you tips to ease their stress. We can also help with your dog’s car anxiety and car sickness.

Letting Your Pet Skip the Trip

Traveling without your pet often winds up being more enjoyable for both of you. Your pet can stay in their comfort zone and routine without the worry of what-ifs. And you can enjoy the festivities without being preoccupied with your pet.

Leave your pet’s vet information, including phone number, address, and medications with your pet sitter. And find an in-town emergency contact that your pet sitter can call if something happens. Pets usually do best if someone will stay in-home with them, followed by them staying at the house of a friend or family member. 

Boarding is a better option than drop-in sitting since your pet will be in a safe and monitored environment with company and attention.

Staying Home for the Holidays

Going to stay home for the holiday? Wonderful! Be sure you still have a plan for your pet, though. If you’re going to be away all day for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or out late on New Year’s Eve, consider boarding your pet. Boarding is also a wonderful option if you plan on having quite a few guests over. 

If you’re hosting the holidays, your pet may feel a bit nervous about all the people and noise. Prepare a quiet bedroom with music, Feliway or Adaptil, and a comfy place for them to relax and avoid a bit of the stress of strangers. Creating a kitty refuge or dog getaway reduces the risk of harmful handouts or your pet escaping.

Choosing to Board Your Pet Is Often the Best Decision

Boarding ensures your pet receives walks, affection, attention, and the comfort of a controlled environment. We have a wide range of kennel sizes and a separate boarding area for kitties, so they can rest without the bother of barking dogs. 

Don’t wait to make a plan. Our boarding facility fills up fast, so save a spot and make sure your pet is current on the necessary vaccinations.

When your pet stays with us for the holidays, you can trust they their are in caring and capable hands.

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