What You Need to Know for Check the Chip Day!

What You Need to Know for Check the Chip Day!

Nobody plans on their pet going missing, but it happens. While these incidents cannot be predicted, you can increase the likelihood of a safe return by simply checking that chip!

August 15th is Check the Chip Day: a day when pet parents are reminded to update the contact information on their pet’s microchip.  Why should you take a minute to check your pet’s chip? Because microchips are only effective if whoever finds your pet can contact you.

Check out these facts:

1.     One of three pets will become lost or stolen.

2.     Every two seconds a pet becomes lost in the United States.

3.     Each year over 100 million pets become separated from their families.

4.     Only 2% of lost cats and 22% of dogs that enter shelters are returned to their families.

5.     Out-of-date owner information is the most common reason microchipped pets aren’t returned home.

Why Was Check the Chip Day Founded? 

It may surprise you that only 58% of pet owners register their pets’ microchips with up-to-date contact information. Because of the importance of microchips, the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Animal Hospital Association teamed up to help encourage pet parents to make the most of the technology that safely guides pets back to their loving families.  This amazing technology has helped reunite frightened, vulnerable pets with their caring families since the 1990s. Microchips have saved countless pets and are now standardized across the globe. 

How Does A Microchip Increase the Odds of Your Pet’s Safe Return Home? 

Your pet’s microchip is small but mighty! How small? This amazing technology is only the size of a grain of rice. This tiny implant is a glass container that encloses a circuit that sends out an electromagnetic signal. This signal communicates with a chip scanner if the pet is picked up and brought to a veterinarian, like us, a shelter, or animal control. From your pet’s unique number, your contact information can be found in a database, so you can receive a phone call, letting you know your precious pet is safe and ready to come home.

What Do You Need to Do to Update Your Pet’s Microchip? 

Checking and updating your microchip just takes a few minutes. Find your pet’s chip information on the manufacturer’s registry.  Can’t find your paperwork and unsure of your pet’s registry number? Give us a call to make an appointment. We will gladly scan that chip and give you the number.  Once you have your pet’s number handy, you can check and update your information on the chip manufacturer’s website. AAHA has provided a Pet Microchip Lookup Tool here.

The Check That Chip Takeaway: 

If your pet has a microchip, wonderful! You’re halfway to protecting them if they get lost or stolen. Now, take the extra step to safeguard their return by making sure they can be easily reunited with you by checking your chip information. If your pet hasn’t been microchipped, now is the time to call us to make an appointment. This tiny technology is easy to embed.  A microchip increases the odds of your pet’s safe return, but it needs to be current to work. 

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