Preanesthetic Blood Testing

Just as your doctor runs a blood test before your surgery, we do the same for pets. A preanesthetic blood test is like an internal physical exam that checks organ function and identifies organ problems. Preanesthetic blood testing helps us create a generalized anesthetic plan for your pet and helps us avoid potential complications during surgery. If the test results are within normal ranges, we will proceed with the surgery. If results are abnormal, we can alter the anesthetic protocol or take other precautions to safeguard your petʼs health which may include postponing the anesthetic procedure.



Our experienced veterinarians have the capability of performing many elective as well as emergency surgical procedures. Our veterinary team takes the necessary precautions to insure your pet receives the highest quality care. We perform physical examinations on all our surgical patients as well as pre-anesthetic testing prior to the procedure. 

Your pet's vital signs will be closely monitored throughout the entire anesthetic procedure by a veterinary technician/assistant. Injectable pain medications will be given to your pet prior to the start of a surgical procedure and pain medication will be sent home in an effort to keep your pet comfortable and aid with a quick recovery.

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