Calling all Cat Owners: It’s National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day!

Why Should You Make an Appointment to Bring Your Cat In?  1. Your Cat’s Health Needs Change Over Time As cats get older their needs change. We can help your cat stay on track for a long, healthy life. With blood work, a physical exam, and a dental check-up, we can identify risk factors and educate you on your cat’s needs. These can extend and improve their quality of life.  2. We Can Help Your Cat Maintain or Reach a Healthy Weight How often do you weigh your cat? We often find even the most vigilant and caring cat parents don’t notice their feline companions’ weight gain. The same is true of unhealthy weight loss.  Unexpected and unexplained weight loss can be a symptom of a deeper health concern. Excessive weight gain can put your cat at risk for diabetes and unnecessary strain on their joints.  3. Cats Can Disguise Underlying Medical Issues Cats are amazing creatures. One characteristic that makes exams even more vital, is their ability to hide symptoms of pain or discomfort.  Because of our expertise, comprehensive examination techniques, and advanced diagnostic equipment, we can spot and treat underlying problems, and prevent more serious issues from occurring. […]

What You Need to Know for Check the Chip Day!

Nobody plans on their pet going missing, but it happens. While these incidents cannot be predicted, you can increase the likelihood of a safe return by simply checking that chip! August 15th is Check the Chip Day: a day when pet parents are reminded to update the contact information on their pet’s microchip.  Why should you take a minute to check your pet’s chip? Because microchips are only effective if whoever finds your pet can contact you. Check out these facts: 1.     One of three pets will become lost or stolen. 2.     Every two seconds a pet becomes lost in the United States. 3.     Each year over 100 million pets become separated from their families. 4.     Only 2% of lost cats and 22% of dogs that enter shelters are returned to their families. 5.     Out-of-date owner information is the most common reason microchipped pets aren’t returned home. Why Was Check the Chip Day Founded?  It may surprise you that only 58% of pet owners register their pets’ microchips with up-to-date contact information. Because of the importance of microchips, the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Animal Hospital Association teamed up to help encourage pet parents to make […]

How Do the Back to School Blues Affect Your Pet?

Back to school season is right around the corner. As you plan your children’s school supply lists, don’t forget that this time of year can be difficult for your pet. Back to school days are coupled with excitement and nervous energy for the whole family. Your children are excited to see their friends but often nervous about the uncertainty of a new teacher, new classroom, and, of course, new rules. You are probably trying to understand the all-so-complicated school pickup and drop-off procedures and how to rearrange your schedule to work with school start times. Your pets feel this energy and can sense a change in the security of their routine. This change in routine can increase your pet’s anxiety and stress. Your dog or cat has adjusted to the attention and company of your kids during these summer days. Your dog received extra pets and mental stimulation while your cat got to chase shoelaces. It’s no wonder pets miss the kids while they’re at school. The return to school is often coupled with your dog or cat becoming morose and bored without their playmates. This can lead to depression, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior.  3 Ways to Help Your […]

Choose Sullivan Family Pet Hospital for Boarding

Are you planning a trip and wanting to ensure your pet is in good hands while you’re away? We offer safe, convenient and comfortable boarding in our doctor-supervised facility that caters to both cats and dogs. Here are a few things we offer during your pets stay: We Will Care for Your Pets Like They are Our Own Our mission is to make each pet feel loved and cared for. Our caring staff will ensure your pet receives compassion, comfort, and unconditional love during their stay to help them feel at home and happy. Your Pet’s Comfort is Our #1 Priority While your pet stays with us, we want them to feel at home. We encourage you to bring their bed and favorite toys. While here, our boarders are offered a high-quality gastrointestinal diet at no additional charge (you are also welcome to bring your pets regular diet). We will follow your feeding schedule to help your pet keep their routine even while you’re away. Prior to your pet’s stay, we will ask questions to help better understand your pet’s needs before you leave them in our care. Comfortable Surroundings Our facility caters to both dogs and cats. Some of […]

How to Help Your Pets Manage Their Fear, Anxiety, and Stress this 4th of July

As the Fourth of July approaches, you’re probably making plans for cookouts, picnics, and firework displays. But do you have a plan for your dog or cat when the blasts and booms begin and they start shaking in their collars? If you’re not sure what to do with your ‘fraidy cat or scaredy dog this July 4th, we have some recommendations that can help them feel more comfortable and confident.The first thing you will want to do is to learn to recognize when your pet is stressed. If you know your pet is nervous, there is still plenty of time to prepare your home to be comfy, cozy, and calming. Signs of Stress in Dogs and Cats If you’ve noticed your dog slink off into a back room, hide under the table, or scurry into a closet during a thunderstorm, your pup is probably a great candidate for some de-stressing assistance this July 4th. When a dog is nervous or fearful, they often try to isolate themselves. The same is true of fearful felines.Other signs of stress you may recognize include: Whining or whimpering Tucked tail Shivering or shaking Pacing Foamy spit Cowering Excessive licking or chewing Tensed muscles Sweaty […]

Your Spring and Summer Pet Health Checklist

Spring and summer are all about fun, family, and going on adventures. From hiking to swimming, we want you to make the most of this beautiful time of year by including your pets in your outdoor escapades! Forming memories with your best friend helps create a stronger bond and makes life better! When you’re planning your next hiking or camping trip, don’t forget to plan ahead to keep your pet safe and protected. Keep Your Pet Safe This Time of Year Whether you’re headed to the local park with your pooch or just enjoying a glass of lemonade while your cat frolics in the backyard, consider the following checklist to help ensure you are protecting your best friend from these seasonal dangers. Spring and Summer Pet Health Checklist At-a-Glance Heartworm Prevention Flea and tick prevention Up-to-Date Microchip Vaccinations Healthy Nutrition Hydration Heartworm prevention: Heartworms can wreak havoc on your pet’s health. Don’t let them. Unfortunately, we see a rise in mosquitoes this time of year, and those pesky bugs can carry heartworm disease. Stay up-to-date with your pet’s heartworm prevention to avoid any unnecessary risk. Flea and tick prevention: We hate fleas and ticks, and your pets do, too. Luckily, there’s a […]

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe in Spring

Isn’t spring an exciting time of year? The flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and Easter is right around the corner! We love spring at Sullivan Family Pet Hospital, but we also want to keep your furry best friends safe while they relax inside and celebrate the season with your family. So, we’ve come up with our top safety tips to keep your pets hoppy and happy all spring long!

Spring into Safety with Our Outdoor Safety Tips for Keeping Your Pet Protected

Spring is here! We bet your dog is hopping with joy as he gets to spend more time outside. Even though spring is a time when dogs and cats get to indulge in the fresh air, it’s important to keep your pet’s safety at the forefront of your mind. We’ve put together a checklist for you to help keep your beloved dog or cat safe as they frolic in the sunshine.